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Sophie Dunlop

Tel: +61 (0)403 688 077
Website: Sophie Dunlop

Sophie Dunlop was born in Sydney in 1971.  She comes form a family of artists, her father being the late Brian Dunlop. Throughout her childhood, she travelled extensively and learnt from her father and his peers.


Known mainly for her still-life painting, Sophie Dunlop is inspired by the humble props that adorn her studio, gathered from a local market or from her travels abroad. Sophie relishes the unique and intricate details of each object she portrays. Her meticulous style is countered with a curious eye and unconventional composition, to provide the viewer with a fresh yet thoughtful vision of the familiar. Echoing the evocative design of oriental rugs and embroidery, Sophie imbues her subject matter with a quality that goes beyond the surface. She uses intensified colour and perception so that the viewer transcends the surface of the canvas to taste and smell the succulent flesh of the fruit she paints or to feel the luxurious texture of the exotic fabrics.